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Release notes

Release notes

Requirements for Windows

For windows you may need to install some or all of these additional packages (select the 64bit versions):

Open Source

The tools provided here are released as open source under the GPL3 license. The sources can be found in a repository on GitHub. This is also the place we want to receive bug reports and feature requests.


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Related Publications

We kindly ask you to cite the following publication when you use MuhRec to process your data:

A. Kaestner, MuhRec – A new CT reconstructor, NIMA,651(1)Pages 156-160, 2011

Nightly builds

Our build server produces packages with the latest features and fixes. The applications you download from this site reflect the latest state of our development and are not fully tested. Therefore, we can’t give any guarantee of how well they work. If try these versions and something is not working as it should please report it through the GitHub issue manager.

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