Open Source

The tools provided here are released as open source under the GPL3 license. The sources can be found in a repository on GitHub. This is also the place we want to receive bug reports and feature requests.


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CT reconstruction

We currently provide the prerelease with some missing details in order make a recent version available to the participants of iCTMS2017 in Lund.

In this release, we have been working on adding support for cone beam CT and overall robustness of the application.

We kindly ask you to cite the following publication when you use MuhRec to process your data:

A. Kaestner, MuhRec – A new CT reconstructor, NIMA,651(1),Pages 156-160, 2011

The muhrec downloads have moved to the releases section at the GitHub repository

  36.1 MB MuhRec3_MacOS_20171218.dmg

 24.7 MB

For windows you may need to install some or all of these additional packages (select the 64bit versions):

 19.3 MB muhrec3_Linux_x86_64_20171218.tar.bz2


MuhRec3 Manual 2017-06-25 (561 downloads)

Image processing TOOL

KipTool for Mac release 2017-03-03 (306 downloads)

KipTool for Windows (439 downloads)

KipTool Manual 2017-06-27 (249 downloads)



ImageViewer for Windows 64bit 2017-10-24 (187 downloads)

Grating interferometry processing


Old releases

MuhRec – June 2017

MuhRec3 for Mac prerelease 20170625 (440 downloads)

MuhRec3 for Windows 64bit prerelease 2017-06-25 (403 downloads)

For windows you may need to install some additional packages:

MuhRec for Ubuntu release 20160513 (224 downloads) This is still the old version.

MuhRec for Mac (298 downloads)