Lecture notes

Distinguishing the signal from the noise requires both scientific knowledge and self-knowledge. Nate Silver

MuhRec Features

Copyright: Anders Kaestner

MuhRec Feature presentation (257 downloads)

Neutron Imaging

Copyright: Anders Kaestner

Introduction to neutron imaging (561 downloads)

Computed Tomography

Copyright: Anders Kaestner

Introduction to computed tomography (475 downloads)

Image processing

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Lectures from the course ETH course ETH-227-0965-00L:
  1. Introduction (284 downloads)
  2. Images (465 downloads)
  3. Filters (983 downloads)
  4. Segmentation (541 downloads)
  5. Morphology (692 downloads)
  6. Morphology part 2 (328 downloads)
  7. Analysis (341 downloads)
  8. Strategies (516 downloads)

Image processing with ImageJ

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  1. Tutorial from the ADRAM School 2009 at PSI ADRAM ImageJ tutorial (232 downloads)